Thursday, March 1, 2018


We've always tried to keep our prices as competitive as possible. As such we've offered the same low price on skate sharpening since 2011. Due to increases in employee wages and operating expenses, we will be aligning our prices more closely with what our competitors charge.

On March 31, 2018 our skate sharpening price will increase to $7.00. The sharpening PASS price will increase to $56.00 for 10 sharpenings. This increase will not affect your current sharpening pass. AND until the price increase goes into effect, you may purchase sharpening passes at the current price up to a maximum of 50 sharpenings on your pass.

We firmly believe that our sharpening process and quality is far superior to any other. Even with the price increase, we have no doubt this is still the best value in the area. We look forward to continuing putting the Best Sharpening in the Universe on your skates!

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